More than just a space...


Each unique venue is more than just a space – it's a canvas upon which to paint your dream event. Whether it's traditional ballroom elegance, country chic, or modern-day minimalist, we offer the perfect canvas for your brush. Your imagination combined with our event expertise equals a true masterpiece. 



The Texas Ballroom

grace and grandeur

The Austin Ballroom

romantic intrigue

The Safari Lodge

exotic refinement


The San Antonio Room

Casual chic


The Veranda

an intimate tradition


The Rose Garden Chapel and Gazebo

enchanting hideaway

The Magnolia Ballroom

charming sophistication



The Palm Pavillion

Simple elegance 



The Forum

modern allure


The Roman Garden

captivating opulence

Photo by maximkabb/iStock / Getty Images

Events by Safari

outside catering- We bring the magic of our events to you